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I make myself  Freehand Pipes in my own little factory. Each Pipe is made by Hand and you don't find two identical Pipes because everyone is an unique specimen. I make Pipes longer than 45 Years and in all that Years I find out the best ways to make excellent Pipes. Sometimes I was with my Pipes in the German TV and also in Newspapers and Magazines for Pipe smoker. I can say a lot of People know  my Pipes and they think highly about my old dry Bruyere Ebauchons. This Plateau-Ebauchons for my Pipes are  8 years old for Pipes to 73,-- €.The next is 30 years old Bruyere for all Pipes over 73,-- € and this Pipes are real Freehand Pipes made by Hand, also the stems. The Material for stems are ACRYL and the mortise between Pipe and stem is TEFLON so you never have problems with your Pipe. If you want  a Pipe you have never seen before, send me a drawing and I tell you if I can make such a Pipe( it must be technical possible). 
Pipes from 73,-- € to 265,-- € you will find under Einsteiger Pfeifen
Pipes from 265,-- € to 1025,-- € you will find under Freehand Pfeifen

If you want stems in different colors, look under Hobby Zubehör you will find under Pipesteam-material Acryl ca. 22 X 22 mm  a large assortment of  ten different colors to chose from. At the same Site you will find synthetic amber under the name Kunstbernstein. At the same Site you find Acryl and Teflon material for making rings between Pipe and stem, also Silver Rings and you can have Teflonmaterial for mortises in 9mm Filter or no Filter.

I make also Pipe repairing .If you have any question, send me a mail. The most time I can repair each defect Pipe, if you tell me what is the defect I can tell you what you have to pay.

If you want to have a look in my little factory click under Blick in die Werkstatt you will see how I build a Pipe and see a few repaired Pipes.

If you are a Hunter or interested in hunting I have Sites with pipes for such people. You can buy pipes in the antlers of a red deer, for this pipes you have to send at first the antlers to me, to make one pipe I need two antlers. Also you can have pipes there is at the end of the pipe bar a Rose of the antlers of a roebuck. If you are interested look under Für Jäger und an Jagdtrophäen  interessierte.

I sell also Second Hand Pipes ( Estate Pipes ) in my Shop. The most of that Pipes are Freehand Pipes from me. Because I have not so much from this kind you have to ask per e-mail what I have in my Stock at the moment.

If you have any questions to my Pipes or you have trouble with your Pipes send me a Mail.

Here you can go with a click to my other Sites. This sites you open with the click are all in German, if you have difficulties to understand what it means ask by a mail. 

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